Turkish Airlines Bans Red Lipstick For Flight Attendants

Turkish Airlines have banned their flight attendants from using red lipstick or wearing hair buns in an effort to preserve a more conservative dress code.

The company, who are a state-run business that have flights to over 200 destinations across the world, recently changed their “Flight Attendant Dress Code”, and these new rules have caused quite a stir across the world.

The airline’s administration decided to use this new policy because they had received various complaints from passengers, according to an article published in Cumhuriyet newspaper.

Their new dress code will see their employees wear pastel colors instead of red, and their hair is expected to be braided, whilst tattoos have also been banned. These rules will be announced and then implemented over the coming weeks.

The company have previously looked to tame down their attendants by insisting that they don’t have bleached hair or wear flamboyant make-up when they work.

After this news was leaked critics voiced their opposition to the news, with Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) deputy leader, Gursel Tekin called their band “perversity.”

He stated, “This regulation is perversity, is there any other explanation? Does the public authority decide what a 20- or 30-year-old woman will wear?”

However, The Turkish Airlines have looked to explain their position remarking that this decision was made because these colors don’t match up with their new uniforms.

A statement from the company read, “As the appearance of the faces and hands of the cabin crew carries additional importance during service, a natural look is proven to create a more moderate and accessible effect in communication.” They even gave examples of other changes by international airlines.

Previously Turkish Airlines have been criticised for removing alcoholic beverages from their menus to various countries. They have since caused even more outrage after their new uniforms were leaked online. These designs were called archaic.

Do you think Turkish Airlines has a right to ban their flight attendants from using red lipstick?

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