Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Twins With Daughter Giovanna In New IG Snap: ‘Mawmas Are Ready For Santa’

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi twinned with her adorable daughter Giovanna LaValle in a new Instagram share. In the caption of the post, Nicole said that they were “mawmas” and waiting for the man in the red coat and hat to leave them gifts on Christmas Day.

The former reality television star, who was a part of the Jersey Shore franchise on MTV for 10 years before leaving at the end of 2019, looked stunning in the photograph. Nicole wore a beautiful leopard coat, which is available online and at her brick-and-mortar store, The Snooki Shop. She appeared to have on a black shirt underneath.

Nicole wore her brown and blond highlighted tresses, which normally fall midway down her back, in a topknot. She pulled pieces of her hair from her temples and secured it at the top of her crown with an elastic band to create a fun fashion look. The ends were curled into ringlets that fell atop her shoulders.

Giovanna posed cheek-to-cheek with her mother. She, too, wore a dark shirt and her hair was secured in the back in a ponytail.

She is the sole daughter of Nicole and her husband Jionni. The couple shares two other children as well – oldest son Lorenzo and their youngest boy, Angelo.

The photograph above appeared to have been taken in a bathroom in the couple’s northern New Jersey home. An oil-rubbed shower head was seen right above the mother and daughter. Also in the background were a clear glass shower door, white tiles and a square inset of smaller tiles in black and white, which matched the color scheme of the entire room.

The duo also has a house they purchased on the Jersey shore where they spend their summer days on the water in their boat, relaxing on their deck which overlooks an inlet, or playing in their pool.

Two of Nicole’s former Jersey Shore castmates shared their own feelings on the image, via emoji. Both Samantha “Sweetheart” Giancola and Lauren Sorrentino, wife of Mike “The Situation,” used a smiley face with heart eyes to express their emotions.

Fans of the former reality television star loved the snap.

“She is so darling, she looks just like you,” penned one fan.

“You are so blessed my dear, you have such a beautiful family,” noted a second follower.

“You are glowing girl!! Beautiful, you are twins!” wrote a third Instagram user of the twosome.

“I am ready for Santa as well. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to you and your clan,” exclaimed a fourth fan.