WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar Has ‘No Character Whatsoever,’ Per Vince Russo

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Despite being widely seen as one of the more talented in-ring workers in WWE, current Monday Night Raw superstar Drew Gulak is at a point in his career where he isn’t interesting enough for people to get behind him, as opined recently by wrestling industry veteran Vince Russo.

As quoted by Sportskeeda on Tuesday, Russo appeared on the most recent edition of the publication’s Legion of Raw podcast, where he and host Chris Featherstone talked about Gulak’s match against Angel Garza on the December 21 edition of the red brand’s show. After Featherstone posited that Garza’s gimmick doesn’t have much of a “shelf life,” Russo argued that while he also isn’t a fan of the Mexican grappler’s on-air persona, Gulak has no defining character, thus negating his status as a “great” worker.

“I don’t give a crap who wins this match. Neither guy is ‘over’, Garza’s character is giving a flower to a hot girl and Gulak has got no character whatsoever. And then when they (viewers) lose them here and turn over to the Monday Night Football, and then they’re gonna sit there and scratch their heads, ‘uhmmm, why did we lose the people at 8:45? What happened?’ You put on this match, that’s what happened! There’s no reason to watch it. None. Zero.”

Angel Garza (L) and Drew Gulak (R) wrestle on the December 21, 2020, episode of Monday Night Raw.

As described by Sportskeeda, Gulak has had an “eventful” year, one that started with a lot of promise as he turned face and was partnered with Daniel Bryan on Friday Night SmackDown. While he was briefly out of the company after WWE let his contract expire, he was quickly re-signed by the promotion and later moved to Raw during this year’s draft.

Since moving to the red brand, Gulak has mostly been utilized in the 24/7 Championship scene, where he has feuded against the likes of R-Truth for the lower-card title. He has also taken part in a few notable backstage segments, including one from earlier this month where he used his cellphone to record footage of Drew McIntyre and Sheamus’ backstage brawl and tagged WorldStarHipHop when he shared the clip on Twitter, per Ringside News.

Additionally, Wrestling Inc. noted that he wore a turkey costume as the Gobbledy Gooker — a role originally played by Hector Guerrero — during last month’s Survivor Series kickoff show.

Gulak isn’t the only Raw superstar whose gimmick has recently come under fire from a longtime wrestling personality. As reported by The Inquisitr, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas criticized Riddle’s stoner gimmick, calling it a poor fit for a wrestler with an extensive MMA background and suggesting that he is dragging tag team partner Jeff Hardy down instead of elevating him.