Donald Trump Has ‘Mostly Abandoned’ His White House Duties, Report Says

In the last weeks of his presidency, President Donald Trump has largely abdicated his duties in the White House, a Monday CNN report claimed.

The piece comes amid recent reporting that suggested Trump is floating the idea of a special counsel focused on voter fraud that would be headed by lawyer Sidney Powell. The publication called her a “conspiracist” for her previous claims about a Venezuelan plot to tilt the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.

“Through it all, Trump has mostly abandoned the day-to-day running of government,” the article read.

“At a Cabinet meeting last week, he spent much of the time complaining about his suspicions of voter fraud, according to a person familiar with the matter, leaving some attendees puzzled at the point of the gathering.”

According to the publication, sources close to Trump are worried about what Powell might convince the president to do with his last days in office. As The Inquisitr reported, the head of state has allegedly expressed interest in declaring martial law to overturn the 2020 electoral results — an idea that has been posited by former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Patrick Byrne, the founder of who has purportedly pushed debunked election fraud claims, suggested in a tweet that the White House team is not acting in the head of state’s best interests.

“President Trump is being terribly served by his advisers. They want him to lose and are lying to him. He is surrounded by mendacious mediocrities.”

Byrne, who attended the previously mentioned Cabinet meeting, later said that Powell and Rudy Giuliani are the only people the commander-in-chief can trust.

According to CNN, the final days of Trump’s administration have been defined by a “recurring phenomenon” — a rift between Trump’s outside advisers and White House aides.

The network’s reporting was echoed by Vanity Fair, which claimed the final stretch of Trump’s presidency has been focused on his refusal to concede to Joe Biden and possible investigations into the president-elect’s embattled son, Hunter Biden.

“You can’t reason with him at all,” a prominent Republican said.

The publication reported that Trump is spending his remaining days in power in a “state of denial” that harkens back to his 1990 debt crisis amid a failing marriage when he allegedly holed up in Trump Tower and lived off of a “steady diet of hamburgers and French fries.”

The commander-in-chief has received criticism for his lack of action on the coronavirus as the pandemic continues to intensify in the country and around the world, CNN reported.

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