Camel Tries To Eat Little Girl [Video]

A video has emerged online of a camel at a Kansas Zoo trying to eat a little girl whilst she is sat inside a car alongside her father.

Tyler Inzer had taken his daughter to see the animals in the drive-thru safari, but, when they visited the camel enclosure, a creature decided to stick its head through the open car window.

He then started to suck on her head, and, although it looked as though he was trying to gobble her up. Bizarrely, both the father and the daughter didn’t seem fazed by the encounter at all though.

That was until the camel’s love turned dangerous as it opened up its mouth and tried to place it around the girl’s head. At this point, Tyler intervened and brushed the camel’s head away.

However, undeterred, the camel persists with his attempts to eat her head even looking to shower Tyler with a peck too. Throughout the entire ordeal, the little girl just repeatedly laughs in an adorable fashion.

Having seen enough, Tyler then drives away but the camel is still clearly pining for a meal as he runs along side the automobile, before finally giving up and then leaving the duo to live their lives.

This hungry camel might have been looking for revenge after one of his fellows animals was hit by a car in California just a few months ago.

Rudy the camel was strolling through a California city when he was hit by the speeding automobile, a red Honda minivan, but managed to escape uninjured.

Discussing the incident, Raymond Ferrante, the camel’s owner remarked, “He’s fine, he’s hot and his adrenaline’s pumping, but he’s fine. I have never done this before, so I can now put rescuing a camel on my resume.”

The Inzer families plight is slightly more amusing though, however it could have had a much more grizzly conclusion. You can check a video out of the incident below.

[Image via Ivan Pavolv: Shutterstock]

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