Donald Trump Is A ‘Vehicle’ For Vladimir Putin’s Plan To Destroy America, Journalist Says

On Saturday, journalist Luke Zaleski claimed Donald Trump’s accusations of election fraud and fight against the results of the 2020 election show that he is beneficial for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his purported plan to destroy America.

“Trump’s willing to treat his fellow citizens like mortal enemies,” Zaleski tweeted. “He is the most divisive character in American history. He’s an effective vehicle for Putin’s aim of destroying the nation. He is dividing and conquering us and his followers have no idea they’re at war with America.”

His comment was a response to The New York Times’ report on Trump’s purported Friday discussion about appointing lawyer Sidney Powell to a special counsel that would investigate voter fraud. According to the report, most of Trump’s advisers — including his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani — are opposed to the idea. Powell notoriously spread conspiracy theories about a Venezuelan plot to rig America’s 2020 elections in favor of Democrat and President-elect Joe Biden.

Elsewhere, Zaleski tweeted about recent reports of Russian hacks of United States government computer networks.

“[L]et it be said that if an American did what Russia did trump would be calling for their head. In fact if anyone from anywhere but Russia did what they did/hacked the federal government for months he’d be gunning for retribution. He retaliates against Republicans more than Putin.”

Others, including journalist Glenn Greenwald, suggested there is insufficient evidence to support the notion that Russians — as opposed to another superpower like China — were behind the hacking, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed was the case. As reported by CNN, Trump contradicted Pompeo on Saturday by downplaying the attack and suggesting the hack could be China’s work.

Trump’s public affection for Putin has driven speculation about his purported ties to the Kremlin. Regardless, Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page argued that Trump has been tougher on Russia than his predecessor, Barack Obama — despite his eyebrow raising public affinity for the leader. John Herbst, a Russia scholar at the Atlantic Council, appeared to agree with Page and noted Trump’s administration has taken many actions against Russia that Obama’s government decided against.

According to The Atlantic, Putin’s goal is to destroy American democracy. The pre-election piece claimed Putin was “well on his way” to stealing the 2020 election and accused the Kremlin of planning to declare the 2016 presidential race a fraud in a scenario where Hillary Clinton won. The piece pointed to Twitter campaigns alleging voting irregularities as well as other allegedly Russia-linked meddling in the 2016 race.

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