Couple Indicted For ‘Unimaginable Cruelty’ To Adopted Children

A New Jersey couple has been indicted on charges of “unimaginable cruelty” to their adopted children. Carolyn Jackson, age 35, and John E. Jackson, age 37, are accused of brutally abusing their three adopted children. One of the children eventually died as a result of the abuse.

In a 23 page indictment, a Grand Jury in the United States District Court, District Of New Jersey, indicted the couple on multiple counts of abuse and neglect. According to the indictment the couple assumed responsibility for the three children between 2005 and 2010.

While in their care, it is reported that the three children was subjected to extreme cruelty and gross neglect. The indictment includes charges that the couple physically abused the children with “various objects,” broke their bones, denied medical treatment, withheld food, water, and nourishment.

They are additionally accused of forcing the children to consume foods that would cause physical pain, including raw onions, hot sauce, and red pepper flakes, and substances with high sodium content.

The Jacksons have also been charged with forcing their biological children to participate in the unimaginable cruelty. As stated in the indictment, they explained to their biological children that they needed to “train” the “adoptive children to behave.”

As reported by CBS News, Army Major Jackson and his wife Carolyn were housed at the Picatinny Arsenal Installation in Morris County, New Jersey, when the abuse occurred. The Jacksons have since left the base.

As the alleged crimes occurred on military property, the couple is facing federal charges for what the court has deemed “unimaginable cruelty.”

The indictment includes a total of 17 charges of against the couple, which include 13 counts of child endangerment and one count of conspiracy to endanger a child.

The Jacksons both appeared in federal court this morning for their initial appearance. They will remain incarcerated until bail can be set on Thursday morning.

The indictment includes charges that when confronted, the Jacksons attempted to withhold information from authorities and medical personnel.

They are now facing felony federal charges for unimaginable cruelty toward their adopted children.

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