Nancy Pelosi Has Been ‘Systematically Humiliating’ Progressives Amid Democratic Infighting, Author Says

Author Matt Stoller on Friday claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “systematically humiliating” progressives in Congress.

“This is insider-y stuff, but Pelosi has been systematically humiliating members of the progressive caucus,” he tweeted. “It’ll be interesting if she radicalizes some of them and creates the environment for real left-right coalition-building.”

Stoller was responding to The Intercept investigative reporter Lee Fang’s information on members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus — Reps. Mark Levin, Sylia Garcia, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who were rejected for roles on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

According to Politico, Ocasio-Cortez gained support from some senior Democrats, including Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler. But ultimately, she lost to Rep. Kathleen Rice by a 46-13 secret-ballot vote.

Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive lawmakers have clashed with Pelosi’s wing of the party for months. As reported by Fox News, Ocasio-Cortez recently claimed Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer needed to be removed from their positions. However, she also warned that their departures would create a power vacuum, which could be filled by “nefarious forces” who are even more conservative than current establishment Democrat leaders.

“I do think we need new leadership in the Democratic Party. I think one of the things that I have struggled with, I think that a lot of people struggle with, is the internal dynamics of the House has made it such that there [are] very little options for succession.”

Along with Ocasio-Cortez, outgoing Michigan Rep. Justin Amash has also expressed dissatisfaction with Pelosi’s leadership. He went as far as calling for Democrats to replace her as leader of the lower chamber and has criticized her opposition to legislative freedom.

A recent Politico piece claimed Pelosi has been able to maintain power by avoiding the civil war within the party. The publication noted the war had pitted liberals and centrists against each other both in the press and behind closed doors. Despite dissatisfaction with her leadership, Pelosi has only seen one potential challenger — House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries.

As The Inquisitr reported, progressive political commentator Jimmy Dore recently pressured Ocasio-Cortez to gather her allies in Congress and withhold their support for Pelosi’s re-election as House Speaker — unless she allows a vote on Medicare for All. Dore accused Ocasio-Cortez of failing to challenge Democratic leadership and said she and her colleagues would have nothing to lose by forcing a vote on HR 1384.

Pelosi is set to be re-elected to her position in January.

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