‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Julian’s Demise & Voice Their Frustrations Over William deVry’s Exit

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Julian Jerome had what may have been his last confrontation with Sonny Corinthos. The show teased these tough moments via Twitter and fans had a lot to say about the storyline that has paved the way to his demise and actor William deVry’s exit.

While Sonny held a gun on a fading Julian on the bridge, the mobster offered one more opportunity to stay alive. Sonny said that if his injured nemesis would return to Port Charles and expose Cyrus, he’d live.

He initially agreed, then seemingly passed out. As SheKnows Soaps recapped, Sonny reached to check his pulse and Julian jumped him and they battled over the gun. Julian was shot, again, and seemed to die.

Jason caught up to Sonny, and before much more could happen, the bridge collapsed. General Hospital fans were left hanging as Julian and Sonny plummeted into the water.

“Poor Julian. Not only did GH make him the shell of the man he used to be but they killed off my favorite character. If he didn’t die at Sonny’s hand then Cyrus would have gotten him so either way he was screwed! I am heartbroken that @GeneralHospital decided to go this way,” one disappointed viewer tweeted.

Is this the last that viewers will see of Julian? DeVry had previously confirmed he was leaving General Hospital, and all signs point toward Friday’s episode containing his final scenes.

In true soapy fashion, however, it seems the door remained open just a crack to potentially bring this fan-favorite General Hospital character back someday.

“Julian has so much missed storyline potential and he is a great asset to the show. He could still find redemption by taking out Cyrus and saving Alexis from herself. WDV is a great actor and should be kept on,” another fan tweeted as Friday’s episode aired.

“Very disappointed in Julian’s exit. He could have left town instead. You had to do this garbage,” someone else ranted.

General Hospital viewers may have been left with a cliffhanger as the bridge collapsed, but it seems realistic to expect that Sonny will quickly be found. There are some rumors floating around that Sonny may have amnesia, but that’s not known for certain yet.

Will Julian’s supposedly dead body be found or will this be another presumed death where he may pop back up again someday? DeVry signals that he’s done with General Hospital and is moving on to other projects.

Even so, he’s got plenty of support from General Hospital viewers. Plenty of them are disappointed in how the character was written out and will hold onto a sliver of hope this isn’t truly the end.

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