‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Julian’s Given One Last Chance By Sonny

Friday’s General Hospital spoilers hint that this may be the last that anybody sees of Julian Jerome. He has been desperately trying to get away from Port Charles, Sonny Corinthos, and Cyrus Renault, but it appears that he’s run out of luck.

Julian managed to get away from Sonny after their last confrontation, but he was shot. As General Hospital viewers saw during the episodes that aired on Wednesday and Thursday, he nearly managed to board a bus that would take him from New Jersey to Montreal. He missed his first opportunity, and his last hopes were dashed when Sonny and Jason caught up to him before he could board one last departing option.

One of Cyrus’ men got to the station first, but Sonny and Jason cornered Julian before the hitman was spotted. Soon, shots were fired and Cyrus’ henchman was down. Julian got away, and Sonny followed.

The General Hospital Twitter sneak peek reveals that Sonny will catch up to Julian on a bridge and hold him at gunpoint. Sonny will tell his nemesis that he has one last chance.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sonny will try to show someone he’s in charge. If this refers to this showdown with Julian, it seems likely that the injured former mobster is already well aware he’s backed into a corner now.

Will Sonny once again offer to let Julian live if he returns to Port Charles and testifies against Cyrus? He wanted no part of that opportunity before, but this time, he likely knows he won’t manage to get away from Sonny again.

General Hospital spoilers suggest, however, that Julian ultimately won’t follow this plan. Actor William deVry recently confirmed the rumors that he’d left the show. It certainly sounds as if Friday’s episode may well be his last.

Does Julian die, get arrested, or will he manage to simply head off to parts unknown? It certainly isn’t looking good for him at this point, as it seems unlikely there’s any good outcome for him here.

Back at the bus station, Jason will be scrambling to clean up the mess of the dead hitman. General Hospital teasers indicate that Diane will show up and wonder if there’s a plan in place for “that” situation.

Diane and Jason are clearly at the bus station during this conversation, and the police have arrived and taped off the area. General Hospital spoilers detail that Jason will be vindicated somehow. Given that, it seems likely that Diane works her magic once again and finds a way to make sure her clients don’t get locked up for the shooting spree.

How does Julian, and deVry, bid farewell to Port Charles and General Hospital? It certainly appears that answers will be coming very soon at last.

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