Tony Bennett Gives His Daughter Away At Wedding

Photos have emerged of legendary crooner, Tony Bennett, giving away his daughter at her wedding over the weekend.

Bennett uploaded an image of him and his youngest offspring, Antonia, walking down the aisle to his Twitter account, and immediately his legion of fans fawned over how beautiful they both looked.

Bennett, who has won 17 Grammy Awards throughout his career, was beaming as he strode hand in hand with his daughter.

He added the caption, “Congratulations to my beautiful daughter, Antonia. What a fabulous wedding,” to the photograph.

Guests can be seen clapping and rejoicing as they walk towards her new husband, Ronen Helmann. They had an intimate ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, and Bennett attended the service with his third wife, Susan Crow.

Bennett four children from his first two wives. D’Andrea, 59, and Daegal, 58, were with his first wife, Patricia Beech, whilst daughters Joanna, 43, and Antonia, 39, were the result of his second marriage with Sandra Grant.

Several of his children have followed his career path, as Antonia is a singer too, whilst his son is his manager, and another child is a producer.

Speaking of his son’s talents, Bennett even credited him with turning around his financial problems around two decades ago.

Bennett remarked, “My son helped me to sort my life out. Those were dark days financially. I was spending more cash that I was making, just to keep my career going. I also owed a lot of money to the government in taxes, so I pleaded with my son to help me out.”

He then added, “I needed someone to handle the business side, so that I could focus on performing. Now he is considered to be a brilliant manager.”

Bennett gushed about his family, saying, “They are all good people and very nice and are doing a great job. This was always my dream.”

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