Tim Tebow’s Future In The NFL Won’t Be As A Quarterback

Tim Tebow was finally, and mercifully, released by the New York Jets this week after one disastrous year with the team. It could also mean the end of his time as quarterback too.

Though the release means Tebow is out of the toxic situation in New York, where he was never given an opportunity to prove himself as the team was wary of creating a quarterback controversy, it may also limit his opportunities in the NFL going forward. And it will likely be as something other than quarterback.

Tebow’s resume as a passer was always flimsy. He came into the NFL with questions about his arm strength, accuracy, and throwing motion. Though he proved to be a punishing and near-unstoppable runner, in his only significant time as quarterback in 2011 he completed less than 50 percent of his passes.

Many NFL experts now thing that if Tebow wants to stay in the NFL, he may have to make a logical shift and become a fullback or tight end.

There does seem to be some interest in keeping Tebow in the NFL, despite the media circus that accompanies him.

“I think there’s a market for Tim Tebow,” an NFL general manager told USA TODAY Sports. “The teams that have established quarterbacks aren’t going to mess around with him. But I could see somebody with a specific plan bringing him in.”

Tim Tebow’s skills are still evident, despite his weaknesses as a quarterback.

“Tebow is one of the best red-zone, short-yardage quarterbacks that ever lived,” said former Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage, who has since become executive director of the Senior Bowl. “He runs like a fullback; he can lower his shoulder and run through you.

“In theory, that’s not bad, but the question the general manager has to ask is, ‘Is it worth the headache?’ “

The other part of the equation is Tebow himself. As one of the best quarterbacks in college football history, he would have to accept that he is no longer a fit in the NFL throwing the ball.

That would be a shock for many quarterbacks, who by nature are an over-confident bunch, but if Tim Tebow was willing to serve as the punt protector for the Jets last season, he’ll likely go along with it.