Donald Trump May Reportedly Refuse To Leave White House, Adviser Says ‘He’s Throwing A F*cking Temper Tantrum’

Donald Trump is reportedly having a hard time coming to terms with the end of his presidency, with a new report claiming he has considered simply remaining in the White House after Joe Biden is sworn in as the next president.

On Wednesday, CNN outlined the efforts that those within Trump’s orbit have taken to secure pardons in the few weeks he has left in office before Inauguration Day. The outlet noted that amid the increased activity from allies and high-profile criminals to secure a pardon, Trump himself refuses to acknowledge that his time is coming to an end.

“In his moments of deepest denial, Trump has told some advisers that he will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, only to be walked down from that ledge. The possibility has alarmed some aides, but few believe Trump will actually follow through,” the report noted.

CNN went on to quote an adviser who said that Trump is likely just venting his frustration, and doesn’t actually have plans to remain inside the White House once his time is up.

“He’s throwing a f*cking temper tantrum,” an adviser said. “He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out.”

Many had long floated the idea that Trump could refuse to acknowledge a defeat in the election and simply try to remain in office. As The Inquisitr reported, the question was raised of Biden as far back as February, when he was asked at a CNN town hall event what would happen if the president refused to step down and tried to remain in power.

The now-president-elect said it would be a serious concern, saying it could put American democracy at risk.

Donald Trump speaks at the White House.

“Did you ever think in your lifetime, no matter how young or old you are, any person would be able to ask that question, to be taken seriously?” he said. “I’m not joking. Our democracy is at risk.”

Trump has continued to insist that he really won the 2020 presidential election, but was the victim of widespread fraud. His campaign legal team and allies have been unable to prove any of the allegations in court, however, suffering a string of defeats in their attempts to overturn the results of the election. The electoral college has now sealed in Biden’s victory with a vote this week, though some Trump allies have reportedly floated the idea of a last-ditch effort to overturn the results during January’s congressional vote.

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