Fix the franchise: Kansas City Chiefs edition

The Kansas City Chiefs got it pretty easy, they don’t need to redo their front office, or find a new coaching staff. They just need to find some better players. That sounds a little crass but this is a team that has won just six games over the last two years, and ten over the last three. By ways of comparison that is just one more win in the last three years than the Detroit Lions who went winless in 2008. The challenge for the Chiefs is finding players that they can build around, and it sounds easy but is actually quite hard.

Chief’s fans and their front office staff want to believe that they have a QB Matt Cassel from which the offense can be built around. I am not as optimistic. I think at some point the Chiefs are going to have to draft a franchise QB. I am not saying that he is a total bust, but that he needs a lot of help and may not have the skill set to be a NFL starter.

The Chiefs need so many things that they will have to break up what they want to do into reasonable chunks and then work hard to achieve each piece. The Chiefs feel like a two or three year rebuild project. Year one will be 2010 and the goal there has to be to fix the offensive line. Cassel is sacked far too often, and the foundation of any team turnaround is always the offensive and defensive lines.

If the Chiefs could come out of the 2010 NFL Draft with a legitimate talent at both OT and OG they would be a long way down the road to improving their team. If they could add an OLB and a WR or TE they would be that much further down the road to improvement. In year two of this plan they would need to fully address their defense, and in year three decide if Cassel is the guy, or if a change needs to be made.

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