Chad Johnson, Homeless Man Pal Around Over The Weekend

Chad Johnson and a homeless man named Pork Chop formed an unlikely friendship over the weekend.

It has been a bit of an interesting year for the former NFL superstar even before he documented his weekend excursion on Twitter.

Once considered one of the most talented and noisiest wide receivers in the NFL, his antics off the field have been overshadowing his accomplishments on it.

Now unemployed, the brash footballer who once legally changed his name to Chad OchoCinco also went through a very public divorce with Evelyn Lozada.

This new sage of Chad Johnson and the homeless man named Pork Chop (real name Robert) apparently began when the pair met on Saturday.

The former NFL star and social media gadfly apparently bought Robert a couple of beers and then took him on a bit of a shopping spree.

The friendship apparently started when Pork Chop asked Ocho for a beer, and the reality television star decided that wasn’t quite good enough.

Since the two were both unemployed, it seemed like there was no reason they shouldn’t hang out.

Johnson spent Saturday and Sunday detailing all the different places they went by using the same social medium he uses to divulge the rest of his life.

Twitter was alight with pictures of the pair at Urban Outfitters and a night club called Dream.

It seems that at least part of the adventure may have been more about getting the teamless football players back into the spotlight as he did make one comment about competing with the Kardashians.

Whatever the reason for the outing, it appears that the weekend was enjoyable for both Chad Johnson and the homeless man named Pork Chop.