Trump-Supporting Lawyer Suggests CIA & ‘Globalists’ Rigged Election

Lawyer Sidney Powell, who has filed a number of lawsuits on behalf of President Donald Trump, floated a new theory about the 2020 presidential election on Sunday.

Per Raw Story, Powell suggested while speaking with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee that the most powerful interests in the world conspired together to defeat Trump and elect Democrat Joe Biden.

Even the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may have participated in this effort, according to Powell. She argued that there is a possibility the CIA created the software that was used in voting machines across the United States and rigged the U.S. presidential race after rigging elections in other countries.

“It may have been the CIA that created this software and programs to begin with and then exported them for their own use only to have it come back to us,” Powell said, adding that other powerful forces, including wealthy individuals and globalists, may have helped overthrow Trump.

“It could be that very important, powerful, extremely wealthy people were involved in rigging this election. It’s globalists’ interests.”

Powell said that “everyone in the world” is opposed to Trump and his policies — except the millions of Americans who voted for him over Biden — which is why they came together to rig the race and stop him from ending corruption and draining the Washington swamp.

These groups, Powell claimed, want things to go back to how they were before Trump took office.

They “want this world to continue the way it was with them having all the power and working behind the scenes to rig elections and everything else,” she said.

The effort to remove Trump was “massive,” according to Powell, and even members of the press allegedly participated in it.

“I’m sure the media companies are involved in it too,” she said.

Powell has previously floated unfounded theories about the 2020 race. She was a prominent member of Trump’s legal team, which is headed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Last month, Giuliani and others distanced themselves from her, claiming that she was never officially part of their group.

Powell never produced evidence for her allegations, and some members of the administration reportedly saw her efforts as counterproductive and thought they overshadowed provable irregularities.

Despite being pushed away from Trump’s legal team, Powell has continued filing lawsuits on behalf of the president. According to the Associated Press, many of her filings were riddled with typos and factual mistakes and laughed out of court.

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