Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Britt’s Under Pressure, Julian’s In Danger, & Martin’s Scrambling

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 14 tease that things are going to be pretty crazy in Port Charles and beyond. Teasers have already revealed that Tracy’s plan to deal with Alexis will hit a snag, and Julian’s involved in a lot of craziness. The latest teaser tidbits indicate that there’s action ahead on several other fronts over the coming days as well.

Britt returned to town to take on a primary role at General Hospital thanks to an offer from mobster Cyrus. Via insight from both Jason and Brad, she’s generated some significant reservations regarding her boss. Now, SheKnows Soaps suggests that she’ll be anxious to deal with all of this.

During Monday’s episode, Cyrus will approach Britt with a plan. Whatever it is that he has in mind, however, will make her concerns even more significant. Later in the week, Britt will corner Nikolas with something on her mind.

Elsewhere, Julian will face off with Sonny. He was hoping to get help from Kim before disappearing for good, but Jason and Sonny were on his trail. General Hospital spoilers reveal that on Monday, Sonny will toss out an ultimatum.

Over the coming days, Julian will be increasingly desperate to get away from all of this. He’ll end up asking a stranger for help, and all signs point toward him being gone for good by the end of the week.

General Hospital viewers recently learned that Martin and Cyrus are brothers. Teasers promise quite a bit more drama related to Martin over the next few shows.

Martin will tell a tall tale of some sort to Valentin on Tuesday, and it sounds as if it’ll be a doozy. Martin stumbles across something unexpected on Thursday, and he’ll have questions regarding his brother’s motives on Friday.

Will this discussion between Martin and Cyrus reveal some juicy tidbits behind the mobster’s antics?

Laura is connected to the two men, and it seems as if they may all share a biological father. General Hospital teasers indicate that she’ll put herself in danger in some sense on Wednesday, and Curtis may stumble upon another lead regarding this situation that takes him out of town.

Jordan will have another round of questions for Carly while Violet will be popping up with some curiosity about something. Ava will reach out to Trina, and this could be an interesting encounter. Ava now knows that Taggert is alive, but she probably won’t feel she’s able to let the heartbroken teen know.

General Hospital spoilers promise a face-off of sorts between Michael and Chase, while Carly will have a tough sit-down with Josslyn. There are juicy developments coming on multiple fronts, and fans will be anxious to see how all the twists and turns come together.

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