Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Tracy’s Plan Hits A Significant Snag

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers reveal that Tracy’s impromptu plan regarding Alexis will take an unexpected detour.

Tracy thought she’d come up with a way to thwart the threat that Alexis posed to Ned and Olivia’s marriage. However, she will almost immediately come to learn that she didn’t think this through very well.

A General Hospital preview shared on ABC showed what comes next in this situation. Tracy insisted on driving a drunk Alexis home from the Metro Court. She was appalled to hear that her drunken passenger had urged Ned to tell Olivia about their drunken fling.

Soon, Tracy pulled the car over moved an unconscious Alexis behind the wheel to make it appear that she had been the one driving. The General Hospital sneak peek shows that Tracy will make sure that things appear to be arranged as she wanted, and she’ll call 911.

Then, she will tell the 911 operator she needs help. She’ll fake an anxious voice and say that her friend is driving drunk. She’ll give an address where her “friend” just left and ask them to hurry.

She will then turn to an unconscious Alexis and say that she brought this on herself. General Hospital spoilers indicate that just after that, Tracy will be surprised and uncomfortable.

Right as she messes up her hair a bit in the rearview mirror, she sees headlights from another vehicle approaching. She shakes Alexis awake just before Chase approaches her.

She doesn’t know Chase, but she quickly realizes that he’s a detective. She’s immediately rattled that the PCPD would send a detective to the scene, and he explains he was already in the area.

Before she can recover from that, General Hospital teasers reveal that she will discover that Chase already knows the target of her scheme. Naturally, Alexis is disoriented and asks Chase what he’s doing there. He tells her that it seems that she drove her car off the road, and this confuses her even more.

She insists that she didn’t drive the car off the road, and Tracy quickly interjects. She says it was terrible and that she thought Alexis would end up dead. Alexis looks at Tracy, and Chase, with a confused expression on her face.

That’s where the General Hospital spoiler clip ends, and the rest will play out on Monday.

According to Soap Central, Alexis will make a major misstep in how she judges something in the coming week. General Hospital teasers hint that Diane may step up and help her, but everybody will have to wait to see how deep this hole is that the disbarred and disgraced attorney digs for herself this time.

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