‘General Hospital’ Recap & Spoilers: Julian’s Left Stunned, Scott’s Punch Causes Chaos, & Nikolas Stuns Ava

Friday’s episode of General Hospital provided viewers with some seriously buzzworthy developments. Nikolas surprised Ava with a plan she probably never would have anticipated, while Scott made a stunning move in Geneva. Julian was desperate to escape all of his Port Charles-related complications, and he stumbled upon some interesting news in the process. In addition, SheKnows Soaps suggests that someone’s grand plan that was developed during the December 11 General Hospital show will soon go awry.

Julian went to the apartment where he thought Kim was living. General Hospital fans had speculated last year when Kim slept with “Drew” that she would end up pregnant. She left town and really hadn’t been referenced since then.

However, Julian learned as he talked to a nanny at Kim’s place that, indeed, she’d given birth to another son a few months ago. While it had previously been speculated that it’d be Franco/Drew’s baby, General Hospital revealed that it was Julian’s instead.

Julian’s going to be gone soon, and actress Tamara Braun, who played Kim, is back on Days of Our Lives again. Given that, what do the General Hospital writers plan to do next with this baby bombshell?

In addition to the Julian drama, Scott confronted Obrecht in Geneva. He didn’t get many legitimate answers from her, but he told Franco he could tell that Dr. Kirk and the team at the clinic had an agenda of some sort.

Before Scott could get to the bottom of things, he walked in on Obrecht holding a knife to Kirk’s neck. The doctor had told Obrecht that he was calling Anna to give her a heads-up about Dante, and she certainly couldn’t let that happen.

Unfortunately for Kirk, Scott managed to walk in just as he’d turned the tables on Obrecht. Scott threw a punch, and soon, it was revealed that the doctor had died.

This blows what seemed like the one hope Franco had to sort through his latest health complication. Not only that, but the situation will certainly shake things up in regard to Dante and Obrecht as well.

Friday’s General Hospital episode also had Sam catching Carly up to speed on her split from Jason, while he tracked Julian to Kim’s apartment. In addition, Tracy revealed she would go to great lengths to prevent Alexis from revealing the truth about her fling with Ned to Olivia. Tracy may have thought she came up with a strategy for handling this, but General Hospital spoilers for Monday reveal that it will end up backfiring in some way.

Nikolas surprised Ava in a couple of ways. He noted that since they are essentially restarting their relationship after exchanging loving sentiments, he thought their post-nuptial agreement should be torn up. After that, he took things one step further.

He took Ava to Ryan’s room where he remains in a coma. Just before Nikolas could smother an unconscious Ryan, Felix interrupted them. Nik surprised Ava by telling her he’d planned for them to kill Ryan together. After the interruption, he insisted they’d wait to see when, or if, Ryan started to wake up and then take care of him.

What they didn’t realize is that apparently, Ryan is starting to slowly regain consciousness.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 14 tease that there will be major developments on other fronts, as well as a resolution of some sort with Julian. There are surprises and a few twists apparently on the way and viewers can’t wait to see what develops next.

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