Friday’s Stunning ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Reaches Out For Help, But Sonny’s On His Trail

Friday’s episode of General Hospital is shaping up to be a wild one. Spoilers tease that Julian Jerome will be hoping someone unexpected can help him out of his current jam. However, he’s got Sonny and Jason determined to track him down. Apparently, desperate times will call for desperate measures.

Earlier this week, General Hospital viewers watched as Julian blackmailed Martin into giving him some help in escaping Port Charles. Julian’s anxious to get away from town before either Cyrus or Sonny catches up to him, and Ava’s turned her back on him.

As SheKnows Soaps details, during Friday’s show, Julian will make a stop somewhere that he’ll hope can provide some assistance. He’ll knock on a door and tell the person who answers he’s looking for Kim.

Kim left town just over a year ago after the messy situation where she slept with Franco while he was living with Drew’s memories. She and Julian didn’t exactly part on the best of terms, but it seems that he’ll be feeling desperate enough to reach out to her anyway.

It’s not clear yet whether or not Julian will manage to connect with Kim. Actress Tamara Braun, who played Kim, has since returned to Days of Our Lives. At this point, there aren’t any General Hospital spoilers revealing that she’s popping back up on GH again, so this may be a dead-end for him.

Some General Hospital viewers are wondering, however, if he might just find Kim after all. If he does, could he find another surprise with her, like a baby?

People suspected that after the wild incident with “Drew,” where she slept with Franco who had the other man’s memories, that she’d end up pregnant. Given that the show wrote out Kim, it would seem that possibility was tossed aside.

However, bringing Kim up now along with Franco seemingly getting Drew’s memories back again does have some people suspicious.

“Julian going to locate Kim and find her with a newborn,” one viewer tweeted.

While Julian is scrambling and looking for help, General Hospital teasers suggest that Sonny and Jason won’t be far behind. They learned enough from Martin to give them a sense of what’s happened and they wasted little time in heading out of town.

A recent sneak peek revealed that Sonny would manage to catch up to Julian, so it seems that comes together on Friday as well. This confrontation may begin with the next show, but General Hospital teasers detail that everybody will be left hanging.

Sonny will give him an ultimatum on Monday. He’s certainly backed into a corner at this point, and there may be no viable solutions available. He’ll still be alive and kicking come Wednesday and Thursday, but then it seems likely he’ll be gone.

Actor William deVry recently said he thought his final scenes as Julian would air this week. Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s next week where the character hits the end of the road and viewers are anxious to see if he lives or dies.

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