Trump Supporters Chant ‘Destroy The GOP’ At DC Protest

On Saturday, thousands of President Donald Trump supporters took the streets of Washington, D.C. to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden, who won both the popular vote and the Electoral College. The courts — including the Supreme Court — have rejected nearly every lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign, which inspired the ongoing Million MAGA March.

According to videos shared by News 2 Share producer Ford Fischer, which can be viewed below, some Trump supporters are growing increasingly frustrated with the Republican Party and want conservative lawmakers to do all in their power to protect the president.

In one of the videos, a speaker with a bullhorn climbed a stage and denounced popular right-wing pundits Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk. The speaker then introduced far-right figure Nick Fuentes, a self-described “white majoritarian.”

Fuentes took the stage and ripped into the GOP, attacking lawmakers for not standing by the commander-in-chief.

“At the first Million MAGA March, we promised that if the GOP would not do everything in their power to keep Trump in office, then we would destroy the GOP,” he said.

“And as we gather here in Washington, D.C. for a second Million MAGA March, we’re done making promises. It has to happen now, we are going to destroy the GOP.”

The speech prompted “destroy the GOP chants” from a large group of Trump supporters.

As the crowd chanted, Fuentes denounced the GOP for expecting those who support the commander-in-chief to vote for Georgia Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

The activist described the two incumbents as “RINOs” — Republicans In Name Only — apparently suggesting that the January runoffs need to be boycotted.

Fuentes reaffirmed his commitment in a tweet, saying the Republican Party must be destroyed and turned “into a party that truly puts AMERICA FIRST!”

Earlier in the day, the activist urged Republicans to boycott the Georgia runoffs. “Don’t be fooled again. It’s time to send a message,” he tweeted.

Losing the two seats would be catastrophic for the GOP. If Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win, the upper chamber will be split 50-50. This would allow incoming Vice President Kamala Harris to break any tie.

Latest polling suggests that Democrats have a good chance of winning these two crucial seats. Per Newsweek, the latest AARP survey, which was conducted by Fabrizio Ward/Hart Research, showed that both Loeffler and Perdue hold “razor-thin” leads over their Democratic challengers.

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