Former ‘Apprentice’ Staffer Says Jared Kushner Is The Reason Donald Trump Passed On Larger Vaccine Supply

Former Apprentice star and comedian Noel Casler is again speculating about Donald Trump’s administration — this time about its decision to pass on the chance to buy more of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. According to Casler, the move is linked to Jared Kushner’s work behind the scenes.

“Trump didn’t buy more covid vaccine from Pfizer because Jared Kushner hadn’t figured out a way to get a piece of the profits on the backend. Let’s be real about this,” the comedian tweeted.

The Food and Drug Administration’s panel of vaccine experts endorsed Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday and it will sit down later this month to discuss doing to the same for Moderna’s preparation. As reported by The Denver Post, the president committed to an initial package of 100 million Pfizer’s doses, but could have purchased as much as five times more. The publication claimed Trump’s decision could delay the delivery of a second batch of Pfizer doses due to international contracts that would have priority.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who is leading the Trump government’s vaccine effort, claimed they made the decision to opt out of more Pfizer doses because they weren’t sure which preparation would be more effective and didn’t want to go all-in on one before getting all the information.

As for Casler’s theory, many social media users appeared to agree that there was at least some scheming within the president’s administration to secure greater profits.

“Creating a shortage just meant he could price gouge on the stuff he did get while killing minorities and poor people in the process,” one user tweeted.

“I still can’t believe how this has not been a bigger topic, pretty clear they had information they hid from the public,” another wrote on Twitter.

Others suggested the choice was rooted in the Trump government’s investment in the Moderna vaccine, which has been touted by Ivanka Trump.

According to Fortune, the Pfizer vaccine did not receive funding from Trump’s Operation Warp Speed for the development, clinical trial, and manufacturing of its new preparation. Instead, its partner, BioNTech SE, has allegedly received funding from the German government.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Kushner was previously moved from his previous role in the “shadow ” coronavirus task force to helping ensure that a vaccine was developed in record time. According to two sources familiar with Kushner’s involvement, Trump hoped that Kushner’s private sector relationships could help to push out a vaccine as soon as possible.

As The Inquisitr reported, Kushner and his wife were previously slammed by The Lincoln Project for their comments and approach to the coronavirus.

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