Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Obrecht Scrambles, Jason’s Infuriated, & Nikolas Surprises Ava

General Hospital spoilers for Friday promise juicy moments of drama both in Port Charles and beyond. Julian is on the run, Franco’s desperate for help, and Obrecht is facing questions. In addition, Dante seems ready to accept help and Nikolas has prepared a surprise of some sort for Ava.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter revealed that there will be quite a bit regarding Julian’s desperate escapades airing during the December 11 episode. He’s managed to get out of Port Charles, but he apparently didn’t travel too far away yet. He’ll be so anxious for assistance that he will try to connect with Kim, even though she’s been out of his life for more than a year.

As Julian races to save himself, Sonny and Jason will be determined to find him. Unfortunately, General Hospital teasers signal that Jason may be a bit distracted. The sneak peek shows him angrily pounding on the steering wheel as he’s driving a car with Sonny in the passenger seat.

Jason will tell Sonny that he let “this” happen. This outburst is surely referencing the mess with Cyrus in some sense. Is Jason talking about Julian getting away, Sam breaking off their relationship, or Danny almost dying?

As Jason and Sonny chase Julian, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will lean on Carly. SheKnows Soaps notes that Sam will confide in Carly, and it seems she’ll get some feedback worth thinking about.

Carly will suggest that it’s not Jason who has changed, but Sam. While Jason has been tied to Sonny and the mob for much of his adult life, Sam recently determined she could no longer live her life that way. Sam broke things off with Jason, despite feeling torn about it on some level.

Friday’s episode will also show Nikolas sharing a surprise with Ava. These two recently shared an emotional talk as she admitted that Julian had been involved in the Floating Rib explosion.

Nikolas and Ava promised to be there for one another, and now he has something to share with her. Will this be a good surprise or could more heartbreak be on the way for her?

In Geneva, Scott will demand that Obrecht explain what’s going on, noting that nobody in Port Charles seems to know she’s free and scheming again. As that conversation plays out, General Hospital teasers detail that Franco will fill Dr. Kirk in on more of the voice he’s hearing.

Dane will ask Olivia for help, and Tracy will try to cover her tracks. She learned about Ned and Alexis’ fling from Monica and felt determined to control the situation. She got to the Metro Court just as Alexis seemed poised to reveal the truth to Olivia. Now, General Hospital teasers reveal that Tracy will try to change the course of the conversation by offering Alexis a job.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that viewers will be left hanging until Monday on some of these developments, and the week ahead should be a wild one.

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