WWE Rumors: Major Details On Plans For Charlotte Flair’s Return Revealed

Charlotte Flair appears on WWE television

According to a report from Inside the Ropes, plans are supposedly locked in for Charlotte Flair’s imminent return to WWE television.

A source told the outlet that Flair insisted that her long-term storyline plans were laid out before she agreed to her squared circle comeback. WWE officials supposedly catered to her requirements as well.

The latest development didn’t provide any timeline as to when fans can expect to see the 12-time Women’s Champion back on their screens. However, as The Inquisitr recently documented, she has teased a comeback before the end of this year.

The TLC pay-per-view is scheduled for this month, and Flair’s recent update caused fans to speculate that she could return then. However, as The Inquisitr pointed out, it is also believed that she will appear at the Royal Rumble in January.

The Inside the Ropes article also stated that “The Queen” won’t be managing Andrade as recent rumors have suggested. In fact, there reportedly hasn’t been any backstage talk about Flair collaborating with her real-life partner, who is also out of action after receiving eye surgery back in October

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Flair teased an on-screen partnership with her fiance after he parted ways with Zelina Vega, his former valet, earlier this year. However, she may have been goofing around on social media.

Charlotte Flair locks Becky Lynch in a submission hold

As the Inside the Ropes article pointed out, that rumor gained more traction this week when it was reported that officials wanted them to work together. According to the reports, they wanted to use Flair’s star power to elevate Andrade into the main event scene.

Andrade will reportedly be kept separate from his fiance for the time being. It remains to be seen if he’ll receive his own rumored push, but Flair is bound to be featured in the title hunt.

Flair was drafted to Monday Night Raw as part of the latest draft. The fact that she was included in the draft, despite being injured at the time, suggested that her long-awaited comeback will happen in the near future.

Flair feuded with Raw Women’s Champion prior to her hiatus, with the all the signs pointed toward her regaining the title down the line. Given that she’s one of the biggest stars in the entire promotion, she’ll undoubtedly be given a significant role heading into WrestleMania season.

As the aforementioned Inquisitr pieces noted, “The Queen” has already confirmed that she’ll make WrestleMania 37, which is set to take place in March.