Martha Stewart To Create Profile

Martha Stewart has decided to create an internet dating profile in order to find love.

The 71-year-old entrepreneur recently admitted that she was very close to joining the online dating website, but failed to do because she couldn’t take the questions she needed to complete in order to finish her profile seriously.

However, after appearing on the Today Show, she has now decided to join the website again, promising to complete her profile this time.

During the interview, Stewart revealed that she is currently looking for her “next Mr Right,” and she asked’s chief executive, Sam Yagan, “Do you think I could possibly, maybe, find a match, like many of my employees?”

Yagan then responded, “I think finding a soulmate for you might be a little bit difficult, but I think first dates are easily doable.”

Stewart, who has two grandchildren, was asked by Matt Lauer if she would consider getting married again. She then stated, “It depends, I’d like to have breakfast with somebody. I’d like to go to bed with somebody. Sleep with somebody.”

Stewart even described the kind of man she is after, remarking, “I put out youngish … meaning active, energetic, outdoors-ish, really smart … successful is important – for him – tall-ish …”

Going into more detail about her profile, Stewart decided to use an alias, before Mr Yagan advised her to use a pseudonym instead, and that she shouldn’t put up photos, as “it would be distracting to those initial conversations you have.”

Stewart then added, “And I might get some crazies.” Talking about her love-life, Stewart stated that she is on the look out for her next lover, saying, “I’m always looking, are you kidding, all women are always looking. I had a longtime boyfriend. That ended a couple of years ago. And I haven’t found the next Mr. Right.”

Would you date Martha Stewart?

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