December 9, 2020
Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Shares Adorable Clip Of Herself: 'It's Snowing'

It is snowing today in Florham Park, New Jersey, and former Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is taking full advantage of the dreamy white stuff. The former reality TV star shared an entertaining short video with her fans on Twitter earlier Wednesday afternoon.

In the quick clip, Polizzi looked adorable. She wore a black, white, and brown leopard-print stocking cap with a large puffy ball on the top and a solid-colored wide band around her forehead. She had on a big animal-print furry coat that stopped right before her knees. The TV personality paired the luxurious coat with black formfitting leggings. She wore tan wool-lined boots that folded down on her feet, revealing fluffy cream-colored wool around her ankles. Earlier today, Polizzi shared a selfie in the same outerwear on Instagram, and she called it her brand's Leopard Coat.

Polizzi's highlighted blond hair fell down her back and over one shoulder in a mostly straight style. She had her face tilted up, enjoying the small white flakes as they drifted down to the ground. She walked along a cleared roadway, but the evergreen trees and ground in the background looked like a white-dusted winter wonderland. The ground and the boughs of the trees all featured a generous coating of snow.

The 33-year-old mother-of-three pushed a burgundy-and-gold patterned stroller by Mawma in the quick footage. However, there wasn't a baby strapped into it. She seemed incredibly happy in the video. Twitter users took notice, with at least 600 hitting the "like" button. Dozens also took a moment to leave a reply, with several noting that there didn't seem to be a child in the baby carriage. At least one person even wondered if this was Polizzi's way of announcing a new pregnancy.

"Is there a baby in there? Cool...but I kinda meant is the empty stroller a message that there's a baby actually in 'there'!!" tweeted one fan.

"I live in Florida, so I will never see snow," lamented another Twitter user.

"It's also snowing right now in Montreal, Canada," a third devotee tweeted, including a blue frozen smiley.

"Oh, now you're a meteorologist," teased a fourth Twitter follower.

Polizzi regularly shares details about her life on social media. The Inquisitr previously reported that the mother shared a sweet selfie with two of her young children, and she let her followers know what she felt the most grateful for during the holiday season this year.