NBA Rumors: Bulls Could Acquire James Harden For LaVine, Porter, White & Draft Picks In Hypothetical Trade

According to a recently published trade idea, the Chicago Bulls could get James Harden in a blockbuster deal that would send several players, including leading scorer Zach LaVine, to the Houston Rockets.

As explained on Tuesday by NBA Analysis Network, Harden has mostly been linked to teams such as the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers as reports continue to circulate of his unhappiness in Houston. While the former team has stood out as his preferred landing spot and the latter has been mentioned as an organization that could offer a more interesting package, the publication suggested that the Bulls could also lure the disgruntled scoring champion to Chicago, thanks to its “intriguing young talent” and draft capital.

In its proposed trade, the outlet recommended that the Bulls could get Harden and reserve guards Ben McLemore and Eric Gordon for a package featuring LaVine, forward Otto Porter Jr., budding backcourt star Coby White, and first-round picks in the 2021, 2023, and 2025 drafts. Such a deal, as explained, would work out financially and could be potentially beneficial for both teams.

According to NBA Analysis Network, LaVine could contribute in Houston as a high-scoring two-guard who could help the organization “[stay] afloat” even after parting ways with Harden and Russell Westbrook, the latter of whom was recently traded to the Washington Wizards for John Wall. The site added that White could serve as Wall’s backup, as well as an insurance policy in case the former No. 1 overall pick suffers another injury.

As for the Bulls, it was noted that it has been some time since the club has been “relevant,” which would allow Harden’s arrival, in theory, to “put them back on the map” for the first time since 2010-11 MVP Derrick Rose was in the prime of his career. The publication also hinted that Gordon and McLemore’s presence could work in the 31-year-old’s favor, given that they are “familiar” teammates who could also score from outside.

“The Bulls will face an uphill battle when it comes to emerging as a clear-cut playoff contender until they have a real franchise player. Harden may not have Chicago on his preferred destinations list, but making his way to the Eastern Conference would help.”

Although the hypothetical scenario is still far from becoming a reality, the package suggested for the Bulls mostly matches up with what the Rockets are supposedly expecting as compensation for Harden — an All-Star player, a number of young prospects, and multiple future first-round draft selections.

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