‘Dead Island’ Developer Announces Next Game Titled ‘Hellraid’

With Dead Island: Riptide successfully taking the top sales spot for last week, the game’s developers are ready to announce their next project.

That particular project is a slasher horror game that has been dubbed Hellraid. Techland studios has announced this project as one that will also be out later this year.

The game was previously known as Project Hell, but, whatever name it wants to go by, there will have to be some pretty good game play to get by the rather goofy title.

Dead Island‘s developers newest title is expected to hit the PC, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3 by the holiday shopping season. The company is billing the title as two games in one.

In the single player mode, there is a story line that will have players slashing their way through a horde of the usual evil suspects.

The multi-player game will allow as many as four players to fight the monsters and ghouls side by side while also taking each other on.

It is unclear whether there are a couple of different multi-player modes or simply a mode where you can double cross your teammates.

Hellraid is described as having elements from regular hack and slash RPG as well as first person shooters and online multi-players.

How the game is put together in order to give it an original feel is just something we’ll have to wait and see about.

One feature appears to be a Game Master system that will place loot and enemies in random areas. This is supposed to make each play-through of the game unique.

Techland is actually awaiting the release of another shooter game that it hopes will mean a very successful summer for the studio.

Gunslinger: Call of Juarez is due out on the Playstation Network, XBLA and the PC at the end of May.

Dead Island‘s developers haven’t issued an official release date for Hellraid but this fall seems the most likely.