Donald Trump Would Dispatch The Military To Arrest Joe Biden If He Could, Journalist Says

President Donald Trump would dispatch the military to arrest Joe Biden and shut down Congress if he could, a journalist says.

Trump has come under fire for an open attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election, calling on Georgia’s governor to convene a special session of the state legislature to place electors who would go against the will of voters and select him. Journalist Kurt Eichenwald was among those speaking out against the action, with the former New York Times and Newsweek journalist comparing the attempts to autocrats who seized power through force.

“Anyone who doubts that Trump would, if he could, dispatch the military, arrest Biden, Harris, Kemp et. al., shut down Congress, and do every other act we’ve seen from autocrats throughout history, still doesn’t understand that Trump is a fascist and the GOP accepts fascism,” he tweeted.

Eichenwald retweeted other messages calling his actions undemocratic and dangerous.

“We need to start understanding that these are quite literally crimes,” tweeted John Marshall, founder of the political news site Talking Points Memo, in another message shared by Eichenwald.

“If you call up the vote counter and tell him to change the numbers or throw away a bunch of ballots, that’s a crime. The person saying no doesn’t make it not a crime.”

As The Inquisitr reported, the president has continued to lash out at those who said he lost the election, and he has reportedly sought the names of Republican members of Congress who acknowledge that he lost.

Trump had reportedly called Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Saturday, ahead of the president’s planned visit to the state to stump for Senate candidates facing runoff races in January. As CNN reported, Trump pressed him to call a special session of the state legislature and convince lawmakers to select electors who would pick him when the Electoral College votes, going against the will of voters in a battleground that had been flipped by Joe Biden. Georgia was a key victory for the president-elect, who moved it to the Democratic column for the first time in more than two decades. Trump also reportedly called on Kemp to conduct a full signature audit, which he has said would uncover widespread fraud.

As the report noted, the governor denied the request to call a special session and said he did not have the authority to order an audit. At his rally on Saturday, Trump continued to insist that he won the election.

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