Joe Biden Is Developing ‘Early Cognitive Issues’ & Will Be Replaced After Assuming Office, Doctor Says

Former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, who recently won a Texas House seat, spoke to Breitbart on Saturday and raised doubts over President-elect Joe Biden’s health. In particular, he suggested that the former vice president is experiencing issues with his well-being and will be replaced by Kamala Harris after he enters the Oval Office.

“He’s got good days. He’s got bad days,” Jackson said.

“I think he’s in a transition period right now where he’s developing some early cognitive issues that are just age-related, and I don’t think it’s gonna be good to be commander in chief in that situation.”

According to Jackson, having Biden step down after entering the Oval Office and handing power to Harris has been the Democratic Party’s “grand plan” all along.

“I have no confidence in his cognitive or physical ability to serve as our commander in chief and our head of state. He doesn’t have the cognitive resources or the physical stamina, in my mind, to do this job.”

Jackson’s comments came in the wake of Biden’s fractured foot. The Democrat claimed to have received the injury while playing with his dog and was seen using a walking boot this week. Although Jackson acknowledged that anyone could suffer from a slip and fall, he suggested that his concerns with Biden’s health pertain to his behavior earlier in the campaign. The doctor questioned whether or not Biden is “medicated at this point.”

As reported by Fox News, Jackson earlier this month urged Biden to take a cognitive test as President Donald Trump did. The president allegedly scored 30 out of 30 on the annual examination in 2018 when Jackson was in the White House. According to the retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, Biden should be “evaluated for his cognitive ability or lack thereof.”

Jackson, who served as physician in both Trump and Barack Obama’s administrations, has raised concerns about Biden’s health — particularly his cognitive ability — in the past. But his support of perceived conspiracy theories floated by Trump has led to pushback from former Obama administration officials. Alyssa Mastromonaco, Obama’s one-time deputy chief of staff, tweeted that Jackson’s previous comments left her “heartbroken.”

As for the theory that Biden is a placeholder candidate for Harris, the president and his allies have pushed the notion for months. As The Inquisitr reported, Biden claimed yesterday that he would resign if he had a moral dispute with Harris — although some news outlets claimed he appeared to be joking.

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