Michael Cohen Says Donald Trump’s Post-Presidency Plan Is To Prepare For His ‘Return To Power’

In an interview with New York Magazine’s Jeff Wise, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen revealed his thoughts on the president’s current actions and how they play into a possible 2024 presidential bid.

“The money he’s raising is going toward the Save America PAC, which will be the base from which he establishes an entire parallel system of government,” he said.

Cohen called this potential system the “Republic of MAGAstan” and said it would operate in Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago resort. The disbarred lawyer claimed that the U.S. leader would have his own 24/7 media platform that will have ties to OAN and Newsmax — as well as any other network interested in a partnership.

“He’ll continue to suck from the veins of his MAGA faithful while chipping away at the Biden presidency, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election. All of this is in service of a Trump 2024 run for president and his return to power.”

Cohen said Trump has no plans to exit politics and believes that he will use his massive Twitter following and possible news network to stay relevant. The former attorney expressed interest in the president’s “second act,” which he claimed he would use to try and “rewrite history.” Nevertheless, he warned that the commander in chief would “continue to be a dangerous force” in Republican politics if he is not imprisoned after leaving the White House.

If Trump is successful in making it back into the White House for a second term, Cohen warned that he would attempt to remain in power even longer.

Reports of a possible media empire and 2024 run have been circulating for weeks. As reported by Axios, Trump has allegedly told friends he intends to start his own digital media company that will compete with Fox News. The head of state purportedly wants to take down the massive conservative network, which reportedly angered Trump after calling Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden.

Despite the talk of a 2024 run, not everyone is convinced. Liberal political commentator Bill Palmer claimed that Trump would announce a second presidential bid but argued it would be fake. According to Palmer, the announcement will be intended to raise money for his legal defense and to pay off the debt he owes creditors.

As Cohen noted, Trump has raised a significant amount of money from small-dollar donations following his election loss. He believes that Trump is using his attacks on the election’s integrity to line his pockets and stay relevant within the GOP.

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