Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina Faces A Question From Jax & Nikolas Wants The Truth From Ava

Cynthia Watros films as Nina on 'General Hospital'
XJ Johnson / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday suggest that Nina might be softening toward Valentin while Nikolas has questions for Ava. Chase wants information from Britt, and Willow wants to talk things through with Michael. There’s plenty with Trina on the way, and viewers will see Sasha lash out at somebody.

Nina and Valentin have navigated plenty of issues over the past couple of years. She left him at the altar after learning he’d orchestrated the fake daughter scenario with Sasha, but she’s never been able to wash her hands of him entirely.

Despite their rocky dynamic, Valentin recently reached out to her to talk about Charlotte. He wanted to draw up legal paperwork ensuring that Nina would remain in Charlotte’s life if something were to happen to him.

Now, Charlotte’s biological mother Lulu is in a coma. Nina showed up at General Hospital to support the little girl and this prompted a bit of softening when it came to Valentin as well.

The sneak peek for Friday shared via Twitter hinted that Jax would pick up on this and ask Nina about it. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jax will ask Nina if “that” means she’s forgiven Valentin.

Nina will probably dismiss that idea, at least to a degree. However, General Hospital fans know that this pull between Valentin and Jax is likely going to shift significantly soon.

Jax now knows that Nelle had the necklace that matched Nina’s. For now, though, he and Carly have decided not to tell Nina about it. There’s little doubt that this bombshell will drop soon, and Nina will almost certainly find Jax’s decision unforgivable. Will that nudge her back to Valentin?

General Hospital teasers for Friday also detail that Nikolas will want to hear more from Ava about Julian. She shared some details with Nikolas about her decision to pull away from Julian, but she’s hiding one key detail.

Nikolas will want to know what pushed Ava so far that she wanted to kill Julian. She probably won’t reveal the full story here, that it was because Julian detonated the bomb that harmed Lulu and Franco. It seems likely this is another secret that will remain hidden for now but cause major relationship issues soon.

Sasha is recovering from her drug overdose, and the General Hospital preview showed her lashing out at someone. It seems likely it’ll be Cyrus who’s a part of this conversation. He may pay her a visit and act as if he did nothing wrong, and she’ll ask the person how they could do “that.”

The December 4 show also has Chase needing to ask Britt some questions at General Hospital. Spoilers share that Willow will tell Michael that it’s time they face the truth, and there’s drama related to Taggert, Julian, and Trina coming too.