Charli XCX Flaunts Curvaceous Legs & Rocks See-Through Top In Mysterious New Photo

Charli XCX attends an event
Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Charli XCX took to Instagram recently and shared a stylish picture with theological imagery, much to the delight of her 3.6 million followers.

In the snap, the “I Love It” hitmaker sat on a staircase that was covered in a silky white sheet. The rest of the room was decorated in red sheets, which hid the floor and walls. A dimly-lit red light was also present, adding to the moody and mysterious nature of the photo.

Charli also dressed smartly for the occasion. She wore a long-sleeved white shirt with a green arm accessory underneath the sleeves. The shirt was complemented with a see-through black crop top that was worn over it. On the bottom half, the singer sported green fishnet tights and tiny hot pants to show off her curvy legs. She also appeared to be wearing some black sneakers as well, but they were hidden.

The outfit was topped off with a pair of silver earrings. The singer also wore her dark hair tied up to accentuate her beautiful facial features and provide a clear shot of her moody expression.

In the accompanying caption, Charli asked if she was in the afterlife. This prompted some of her followers to assume that she was teasing a collaboration with Ava Max, as she seemingly referenced the singer’s 2018 album, Heaven & Hell.

The snap itself also went down a treat with Charli’s fans. As of this writing, it’s gained over 73,000 likes and counting. Some of the pop star’s supporters also took the time to send her a compliment in the comments section.

Others revealed which plain of the afterlife they’d like to visit, answering the question that Charli posed to them in her caption.

“I love your fashion,” gushed one Instagram user.

“I’ll go wherever you go,” wrote another Instagrammer, emphasizing the compliment with a fire emoji.

“All angels go to heaven,” stated another one of the pop star’s many Instagram admirers.

The fantastical nature of the image suggested that Charli has new music in the pipeline, though the exact nature of the upload remains ambiguous for now. However, the performer certainly got her fans talking and gave them a picture to brighten up their days.

Charli has tantalized her social media admirers with a series of stunning snaps in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr recently documented, she previously flaunted her legs while rocking just a hoodie. As the article highlighted, she shared a picture of herself wearing just a t-shirt before that.