‘Star Command’ Coming To iOS On Thursday

Star Command fans are finally getting what they have been waiting for, even if it took longer than they thought.

The popular space fighting game that is quite detailed, yet surprisingly easy to play, is finally hitting the iOS store this Thursday.

For people who like the Star Trek game but want to get a little less involved or those who are FTL fans but want a little more graphical interface, this game is for you.

The spaceship simulator has seen its share of big time problems including two different Kickstarter campaigns and more than $200,000 in crowd funded money.

Star Command is a space ship simulator that will allow you to fly across the galaxy, taking on enemies, repairing your ship, and hiring a motley crew.

War Balloon Games originally wanted to launch this title a full 15 months earlier than they were actually able to do. They are also working on an Android version of the game and that is expected in about another month.

The game developers released a play through video last year, and there are certain aspects that will remind you of other games that need you to build rooms and then furnish them.

The difference between those games and this one is that there is quite a bit more dedicated to actual battle and travel. This isn’t a situation where you are attempting to make galactic restaurant customers happy.

One of the reasons the game has taken as long as it has to get on the market is because War Balloon wanted to make sure they had a top notch stand alone game.

Justin Coombs, the art director for the studio said that he didn’t want the title to be just a good mobile game. Coombs said the company wanted the game “in the conversation with PC and console releases.”

Check out the play through video for Star Command and tell us what you think.