WWE Rumors: RETRIBUTION Member May Soon Be Out Of Faction After Getting Unmasked On ‘Raw’

On the November 30 edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE might have dropped a few hints at some changes within RETRIBUTION as stable member Reckoning was unmasked and later on shouted at by the group’s leader, Mustafa Ali.

As recapped by WrestlingNews.co, Reckoning was booked to face Dana Brooke in a match on this week’s Raw, building on how the former attacked the latter during a backstage segment a few weeks prior. During the contest, Reckoning’s mask came off, though as the publication noted, this “wasn’t a big deal” considering how most fans are aware that she used to be known as Mia Yim on NXT.

Following the bout, which ended with Brooke picking up the win following a miscommunication between both RETRIBUTION members, Ali proceeded to berate Reckoning for losing against her erstwhile rival. According to WrestlingNews.co, this could hint at her leaving or getting kicked out of the group and transitioning back to her previous ring name. The new development might also be a sign that the stable will soon disband after failing to make a huge impact on the main roster.

“History has shown that most factions in WWE disband within a few months because Vince McMahon gets tired of them. This has happened several times, including with the 2002 version of the [New World Order], the WCW-ECW Alliance invasion and Nexus in 2010.”

Earlier in the evening, RETRIBUTION had more success in a match where another member, SLAPJACK, defeated Ricochet, per Bleacher Report. Prior to that contest, SLAPJACK — who was previously known as Shane Thorne — talked about being a “weapon” for his faction during a segment where both competitors exchanged promos. Interestingly, this match ended up in the masked stable’s favor due to another miscommunication, one where Ricochet was distracted by Brooke hitting the ring and slapping Ali in the face.

As reported by The Inquisitr in October, RETRIBUTION has widely been seen as an act that failed to live up to its hype after weeks of chaotic segments and vignettes that built them up as a group bent on destroying WWE. Rumors at that time suggested that the faction lost its push because of a “lack of focus at the very top,” with company chairman McMahon and executive director Bruce Prichard singled out as the two officials who are mainly to blame for this. It was also noted that creative decisions for RETRIBUTION were supposedly being made on the fly and on a week-to-week basis.

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