Former ‘Apprentice’ Staffer Claims Donald Trump & Jared Kushner ‘Aren’t Going To Jail’

Noel Casler, a former staffer on The Apprentice, took to Twitter to speculate that President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner won’t spend a moment behind bars for crimes they might have committed before and during Trump’s stint in the White House.

“I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but these guys aren’t going to jail. Our system was designed to protect people like Donald Trump & Jared Kushner, two of the most vile and corrupt humans on the planet, and yet they have failed upwards their entire lives,” Casler tweeted.

Despite his words, Jared’s father, Charles, did spend months behind bars after taking a plea deal. He served 14 months of a two-year sentence in federal prison. Casler explained why the elder Kushner’s sentence was the exception to his theory that the United States justice system protects people like the president and his son-in-law.

“Charles Kushner wouldn’t have spent a day in prison had he not accepted a plea deal because he knew [former New Jersey Gov. Chris] Christie had far more damaging stuff to reveal that was supplied by Trump himself. Folks now about 10% of that story. Jared has spent the years since collecting his own kompromat,” Casler’s next tweet read.

Many anti-Trump Twitter users believe it’s a real possibility that Trump will serve time after President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated in January 2021. Several of those who responded to Casler’s post — which received over 11,100 “likes” and nearly 2000 retweets — disagreed with his assessment of the situation. They expressed their belief that the system would end up punishing both Trump and Kushner for their purported criminal activity. They expressed their hope that by making an example of Trump, it would discourage others from doing similar things in the future.

Others noted that it seems highly unlikely that a U.S. president would go to jail. They pointed to Richard Nixon as an example of somebody who never served time despite their alleged crimes.

Vanity Fair reported that Trump is concerned about prosecution after he’s no longer immune due to his status as a sitting president. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is investigating him and his family in several different cases and he’s reportedly terrified of going to jail.

It is one reason people believe that he has not conceded to Biden nearly a month after the November 3 election. The rumor is that he may even consider preemptively pardoning himself as he hands out his last presidential pardons over the next few weeks.

Casler often reveals what he knows about Trump from his time working for The Apprentice. The Inquisitr reported last week that the comedian revealed that the president wore adult diapers and soiled himself in public, which raised eyebrows and led to a trending hashtag, “DiaperDon.”

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