Robin Williams CBS Comedy Set To Launch In The Fall

Robin Williams and CBS have teamed up for a comedy TV show that will launch next fall. The television network revealed their plans on Wednesday as they look to improve on their very successful schedule that will include four new comedies and one drama.

Robin Williams will headline one of the comedies as he plays an unconventional advertising executive who's daughter will be played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. The popular comedian's new show will be called The Crazy Ones, and it will be featured in a Thursday night time slot.

One of the world's most respected comedians deserves a prime time position on the network's schedule and he received just that. Among the new comedy's producers is David E. Kelley, who worked on multiple shows including The Practice and Boston Legal.

In the series, Williams and Gellar, or in this case father and daughter, will work together at an advertising agency in what has been described as a workplace comedy. While bringing in five new pilots, CBS will also cut multiple shows in the process.

CSI: New York, CSI: Las Vegas, Made In Jersey, Rules of Engagement, The Job, and The Partners will not return to the network, according to

Some of the shows were bound for destruction, and Robin Williams and CBS teaming up didn't make matters much easier. Losing these shows shouldn't affect CBS one bit as they have taken control of network television and left ABC, NBC, and Fox well behind.

According to Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS Corp., the network will end the season with the widest margin of viewers over any other network in the past 24 years. The company is set to introduce eight new series for the new season while everyone else plays catch up.

ABC, NBC, and Fox have a combined 41 new shows in place to compete with CBS. No matter how many shows they pump out, they won't have Robin Williams headlining on Thursday nights.

Do you think Robin Williams new show on CBS will be a success?

[Image via John J. Kruzel]