‘Not Wanted’ Signs Show Up In Manhattan Telling Ivanka Trump Not To Come Back After Leaving The White House

Ivanka Trump may not get a warm welcome if she returns to Manhattan after leaving the White House, and a series of “Not Wanted” signs going up in her hometown makes that clear.

The daughter of President Donald Trump has taken some sharp criticism for her role in the administration and failure to follow through on the hopes that she would serve as a calming force within the White House. She took heat for not stepping in to stop a number of her father’s most controversial initiatives, including a policy that separated migrant children from their parents after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and sent them to detention centers.

Now, one group opposed to Donald Trump is making it clear that his daughter will not be welcomed if she returns to her former home in New York City once his time in the White House comes to an end. Comedy duo Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, who are known as The Good Liars, have shared a series of “Not Wanted” posters in the style of Old West wanted posters, showing Ivanka Trump’s face and telling her not to come back.

The poster mocked the first daughter’s “fake posh” accent and husband Jared Kushner, whom the poster referred to as the mythical evil creature Slenderman.

The posters have gotten some viral attention, with many sharing the images that the comedy duo posted to social media.

There have been a number of reports indicating that it could be difficult for Kushner and Ivanka Trump to slide back into the social scene in Manhattan. As CNN reported, Donald Trump’s divisive tenure in office and frequent attacks both on the city and state could make it difficult for any of his children to enjoy a normal return.

“[The President] was so awful and divisive about New York, saying it’s a nightmare or that it’s empty, or a has-been,” Jill Kargman, a New York writer who has socialized with the couple in the past, told CNN. “No one here is going to forget that. To even come back here after everything he’s said, it’s not going to work.”

As The Guardian reported, The Good Liars have gotten some viral attention for other pranks at the expense of the president and his family. The duo recently jumped to buy the domain DonaldJTrump2024.com ahead of a potential campaign announcement, filling it with messages mocking Donald Trump’s election loss including one reading “Trump is a Loser.”

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