Selena Gomez: A ‘Great Influence’ On Justin Bieber, But Will He Listen?

Justin Bieber’s dramatic past few months, although overblown in some reports, has led to concerns that the teen superstar is spiraling out of control, or at least struggling.

Tellingly, Cody Simpson, a friend of the “Boyfriend” star, and one of the support acts on some dates of the Believe tour, couldn’t be happier that Selena Gomez is back in the Canadian’s life.

Simpson, a 16-year-old Australian singer, recently told Hollywood Life:

“It’s good to see that. She’s always been a great influence on him. She’s amazing every time I’ve met her when I’m with him. She’s a super sweet girl. I’m happy for them.”

And it seems Simpson isn’t the only one who’s happy.

Ever since Gomez met up with Bieber in Oslo, Norway, on April 18, the 19-year-old has shown his happiness on Twitter, in a spontaneous onesie-wearing dance for Swedish fans, and most recently, in a steamy Instagram declaration of the couple’s togetherness.

So will the Spring Breakers actress’ romantic return to her once ex-boyfriend’s side calm him down? The love of a good woman and all that.

Possibly, and probably in some areas. But in others, perhaps not. Here’s why:

Although it seems clear that much of Bieber’s ‘acting out’ of the last two months has been driven by heartbreak and frustration over his relationship difficulties with Gomez, some of his behavior presents as a fairly normal — and necessary — example of teenage rebellion.

The massive step-up in tattoos, the bigger physique, his alleged liking for illicit ‘substances’ and the sexed-up stage shows, are all indications that the “Baby” singer of yesteryear is eager to cut ties with his clean-cut, kid persona.

Robyn Silverman — author, teen development specialist and public speaker — told USA Today she thought Bieber is simply going though the normal process of “identity development.”

“Most teens work through this in private but because he’s a mega superstar, we’re all watching it take place in tight, glass box. It looks to me like he wants to break out of it in some way,” said Silverman.

That ‘breaking,’ which often expresses itself as testing limits is something nearly everyone goes through on their way to adulthood, and isn’t something another person can control or change.

If Bieber is hell-bent on walking the wild side in what is officially his last year of teendom, then he will — girlfriend or not.

Having said that, nights in with La Gomez may prove more enticing than a night out with friends, and some of Bieber’s other extracurriculars may also get the heave-ho.

Ultimately, any young person — whether it’s a multi-millionaire pop superstar or your average sophomore on campus — is going to live their life exactly as they please.

There’s also this: Most healthy-minded females don’t get into a relationship to change their partner, they do it because they want to be with that person.

Despite the widely held belief that the benefit in the Gomez-Bieber union is a one-way street, it’s likely that a couple that have fought as hard as they have to be together believe they each have something to offer the relationship.

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