Jessica Heeringa: Michigan Mom Disappears During Shift At Gas Station

A Michigan mom has gone missing after working the late shift at a gas station in a case police are now saying is an abduction.

Jessica Heeringa had just made her last sale at the Exxon gas stations where she works in North Shores, Michigan. It was 11 pm on Friday, and the 25-year-old Michigan mom was getting ready to close the store. That was the last anyone had ever heard from the young mother.

Police received a call about 15 minutes later from a customer who was concerned that the gas station had been left unattended.

When they showed up to investigate, police found the Michigan mom’s purse and keys in the store but no signs of a struggle, and no money was taken from the cash register. The cleaning supplies she used in closing the store were still on the counter, Heeringa’s mother said.

“She was going to get out in 15 minutes,” Shelly Heeringa told ABC News. “In 15 minutes that store would’ve been closed and she would’ve been on her way home.”

Police are searching for how the clues as to who could have taken Heeringa but said they are at a disadvantage because the gas station did not have surveillance cameras. Police said they are looking for a silver minivan that was seen in the area near the time the Michigan mom disappeared.

Shelly Heeringa said a witness saw her daughter walk out of the store with a man and then get into a struggle as he tried to lead her into the van.

“If somebody did take her, I wish they would just drop her some place so she could come home,” Heeringa said of her daughter.

Shelly spent the weekend putting up flyers with information about Jessica, and said it was good for her to focus on the search for her missing daughter.

“I’m doing better today than I was yesterday. It feels good to be out,” Shelly Heeringa said. “Yesterday, I didn’t want to do anything. This scenario kept playing in my mind, so it’s good to be out here and see support.”

As the Michigan mom disappears, police working on the case have a mountain of tips to sort through. Since the case started to gain national attention over the weekend, investigators said they have received leads from across the country. They said they welcome all information.

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