Donald Trump Blasted As ‘Deranged’ For Snapping At Reporter Who Asked If He Would Concede

Donald Trump is coming under fire after snapping at a reporter who asked when he might concede the race, with a Vox reporter calling the president “deranged” for the outburst.

The exchange took place during a Thanksgiving Day media event — the first time that Trump had taken questions from the press since the election. As NPR reported, he stood by claims of fraud and gave no indication that he was ready to concede the race. When asked if he would concede once the Electoral College votes to confirm the results, Trump snapped back, lodging more claims of wrongdoing and even some personal insults to the journalist who asked.

Trump said if the Electoral College does vote for Biden following the results of states, he said it would be a mistake because the election had been a “fraud.” He went on to point out that Biden beat Barack Obama’s voter turnout in a number of key swing states, implying that he could not have accomplished that without some kind of cheating taking place.

When the journalist pressed again, Trump shot back with a personal insult.

“You’re just a lightweight,” he said, pointing his finger at the reporter. “Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the President that way.”

The interaction drew some viral attention, with many sharing the video on Twitter and making digs at Trump. Aaron Rupar, a Vox correspondent, blasted him as “deranged” in sharing a shortened version of the exchange.

Slate correspondent Will Saletan spoke out as well, calling his response inappropriate and noting that the rest of his statements were filled with “demonstrable lies.” In another claim, Trump said that a hand recount of ballots in the state of Georgia found “thousands of wrong votes” that went against him, but Saletan explained that this was wrong and that Biden actually gained a margin in 44 counties.

“Today at the White House, Trump had one of the saddest meltdowns you’ll see by a public figure,” Saletan tweeted.

Although he has not publicly conceded, he allowed his administration this week to begin the transition process. Meanwhile, his legal team has pressed forward with a number of court challenges that have largely failed, with the majority of cases being dismissed.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump did say that he would leave the White House peacefully, which was seen as the closest step he has taken toward offering a concession.

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