Wild ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Tragedies Ahead As Julian’s Panic Increases & Lulu Fights For Survival

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General Hospital viewers were bracing for a cliffhanger on Wednesday, but what they got was unexpected. Just minutes before the end of the November 25 show, many areas of the country saw a preemption as ABC shifted coverage to broadcast the Thanksgiving message relayed by President-elect Joe Biden. The next show will be an intense one, but everybody will be anxious to know just what they missed in those last couple of moments as well.

“#GH SERIOUSLY, 2 FREAKING MINUTES, YOU COULDN’T WAIT 2 MINUTES,” one viewer tweeted, sharing a common sentiment.

Those final moments should be made available later on both ABC’s site or Hulu, but General Hospital fans were certainly left feeling frustrated.

As ABC cut away, Lulu was in a coma, Julian was terrified about the fallout of the explosion he initiated, and Franco was out of surgery. Sam was struggling over whether it was safe to stay in Port Charles, and the teens were heartbroken over Dev’s death.

Unfortunately, General Hospital viewers won’t get answers to these multiple cliffhangers until Monday. As SheKnows Soaps notes, an encore show airs on Thursday due to Thanksgiving. The soap will also be preempted on Friday due to college football.

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Spoilers for Monday indicate that Ava’s fury with Julian will be intense. She’s incensed that he went ahead with the bomb at the Floating Rib even though people were there. She’s worked hard to protect him, especially over the past few months, but she may have already reached the point of no return.

Lulu made it through surgery, but for now, she’s in a coma. General Hospital teasers detail that Dante and Laura will struggle to get on the same page regarding the situation. Will Laura need to decide soon whether or not to take Lulu off of life support?

In addition, Sam will remember something that could prove to be important. Could this be something about seeing Julian outside the Floating Rib after the explosion? Will she figure out that he was the one Cyrus had tapped to try to kill Jason?

Apparently, the November 30 episode will also have Carly inviting Alexis over for dinner. Olivia will pop up and she’ll be angling to do some matchmaking of some sort.

As the coming week progresses, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will be furious with Julian. That happens toward the end of the week, but at this point, it’s not known whether she will get the opportunity to express that anger to him in person or not.

General Hospital viewers need to brace themselves to lose both Lulu and Julian quite soon. Will the door be left open with either departure for a possible return down the road, or will both of them end up dying? The week of November 30 should provide some essential answers, and fans are anxious for details.