Juicy Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Julian’s In Trouble & Ava’s Scrambling To Help Him

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital is slated to be a wild one according to the latest spoilers. Julian’s backed into a corner, and Lulu’s in the midst of a medical crisis. At the same time, the rest of Port Charles is trying to deal with the residual chaos from the Floating Rib explosion.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals plenty of juicy tidbits regarding what’s coming with the November 25 show. Both Josslyn and Cameron will try to face the news of Dev’s death, and Molly apparently will have some harsh words for Sam as they talk about Alexis’ drinking.

During Tuesday’s episode, Lulu collapsed as she tried to tell Dante she still loved him. On Wednesday’s show, he’ll carry her into General Hospital as he begs for someone to attend to his unconscious ex-wife.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Kevin will have to deliver bad news to Laura, and this is probably regarding Lulu’s crisis. The General Hospital preview also details that Laura will share something with Elizabeth that could be quite upsetting.

Viewers can expect to see some developments related to Julian as well. He already admitted to Ava that he detonated the bomb at the Floating Rib. Now, he knows Cyrus will be hunting him down since Jason survived the blast.

What Julian doesn’t know is that his troubles just increased exponentially. Britt told Jason and Sonny the truth about Julian’s involvement in the baby swap. She may be doing this to try to gain protection for Brad, given the attack he just endured at Pentonville thanks to Cyrus’ team.

Julian has spent a couple of years worried about what Sonny would do to him if his involvement in the Wiley swap were revealed. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it won’t take long for him to find out he’s been exposed and to scramble for a way to stay alive.

Ava will return to Wyndemere, and Nikolas will ask her how things went with Julian. How much will she tell her husband?

Nikolas previously offered to help Julian get out of town, and General Hospital teasers suggest that this plan will be put into place soon. Ava will give her brother an ultimatum, and the two will clash in the days ahead before they find a way to deal with all of this.

General Hospital teasers also indicate that Jason and Sonny will discuss the bombshell that Britt dropped on them. Jason will note that they need to figure out how Cyrus planned to collect what he was after, and Julian is likely at the center of this conversation.

Will Lulu recover from this or will Dante, Laura, Maxie, and her other loved ones have to face losing her? Will Julian manage to sneak out of Port Charles or will either Sonny or Cyrus take him down first?

Everybody will probably be left hanging at the end of Wednesday’s show since there are no new episodes on Thursday or Friday. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that next week will be intense and that the heartbreak isn’t over yet for everybody in Port Charles.

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