‘Thief’ Reboot Reportedly Facing Major Production Problems

Thief has been a reboot that has been long in the making. If recent reports are to be believed then its going to be just a little longer.

New persistent rumors are swirling that the production for the game has been slowed down by a number of avoidable roadblocks. Internal politics, high level departures and the sudden desire to take the game to the next generation have all gotten in the way of releasing the game in short order.

The game has actually been in development with Eidos Montreal for about five years and there were actually some who wondered whether the title was ever actually going to get the reboot at all.

Thief seemed to get new life when it was announced that it would be going onto the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720. It also seemed like the company had a built in excuse for why it wasn’t getting the game out inside of half a decade.

Despite all of that, there appear to be new problems and new delays that are making the chance that this game is going to be out in 2013 slimmer. The biggest problem has apparently been the ever changing people who were taking over as senior and lead designer.

When these roles would shift to two new people, the vision for the game would change as well. Instead of picking up where the previous team leaders had left it, enough was changed that a rewrite was often needed.

It is, of course possible that the game could still get a 2013 release and that when it does come out everything is perfectly fine and the title wins back all the fans that have been waiting for five years.

These reports should be taken with a grain of salt, since most rumors were spread with the need for anonymity. Still the fact that it has already been five years since the game first got underway it seems like there is at least a grain of truth to the reported problems.

What do you think about the latest Thief rumors?