‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Won’t Have Kevin Conroy To Kick Around Anymore

Batman: Arkham Origins is undergoing quite a few changes from where that particular game series has been. The newest change will see a new actor putting the voice to the titular character.

Kevin Conroy is most well known for his gravelly and grating Batman voice but it appears that WB Montreal wants a whole new sort of fresh faced approach to the character in the upcoming game.

It makes sense in the long run that they would be looking for another actor. This game is supposed to take place in a world where our hero is still relatively new and unspoiled. While he’s all about fighting crime while wearing his special suit, he doesn’t have the decades of battles under his belt.

Batman: Arkham Origins‘ main character is going to need to have a different timbre to his voice because of this. This is hardly the first time that a well known voice actor for a long running series has been let go right before a new chapter is set to hit the market.

Much like when we had to find out about David Hayter’s exit from the Metal Gear series through a bunch of tweets and inuendo, the announcement about Kevin Conroy wasn’t made through official channels. In fact, WB Montreal hasn’t said one way or another officially who will be voicing Batman in this version.

Rather the reports that Conroy will no longer be with the series came from a report out of a South African gaming magazine. That report was later confirmed by people inside the development studio.

The company has yet to announce who the new voice actor is going to be, and the company isn’t willing to spill the beans other than to say they are looking for someone younger.

What do you think about WB Montreal not using Kevin Conroy for Batman: Arkham Origins?

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