‘Batman: Arkham Origins’: The World Revealed

Batman: Arkham Origins will feature an expanded world.

The Batman series that started with Batman: Arkham Asylum has enthralled and entertained DC Comics gamers since its introduction, and the trend of bigger follow-ups is continuing.

The first title in the series gave us a scenario where Batman had to find his way around Arkham Asylum. The second title allowed us to explore Gotham a bit more openly, though it was still called Arkham City. Arkham Origins gives us all of Gotham City to explore.

Creative director Eric Holmes may be ensuring that Batman‘s new Gotham City feels familiar, considering his previous title Prototype took place in New York City, basically a newer name for Gotham City.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal is looking to replicate the feel of Batman: Arkham City, and open it up further. A new addition to the mood of the game is that it’s set on Christmas Eve, so the dark and grim settings of Gotham City will be given an ironically cheerful décor. Eric Holmes explains it, “It’s a really cool, happy, warm thing and then a really sad thing mixed together to make this ironic image. It’s a beautiful thing in an ugly place. It adds an ironic humor to things without breaking the seriousness of the theme, which is really fun for us.”

The technology in Batman: Arkham Origins will help with the timeless feel of the game, as the architecture and traffic will be set in a 1930s world, while the gadgets and things Batman will have access to haven’t even been invented yet. This coincides with Tim Burton’s version of Gotham City from Batman Returns as a place that seems to be dislodged from time and out of place.

Gotham City will be a multilevel experience, as towering skyscrapers, bridges, and the introduction of Old Gotham and New Gotham will expand on the territory the fans of the previous games enjoyed. Enemies will be placed everywhere, above and below you, bringing a whole new dimension of danger to the world of Batman: Arkham Origins.

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