Bomb Suspect Instagram Deleted, Recovered Content Unlike Tsarnaev’s Twitter

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter feed read as dissonant to many during the manhunt in Boston, but the bomb suspect’s Instagram was not entirely like his very Americanized and somewhat dull Twitter content.

As the Friday on which “Jahar” was captured wore on, his tweets were analyzed and examined by the web — but the bomb suspect’s Instagram (which had been deleted) flew under the radar, and seemed to be a bit more indicative of political and religious interests than his Twitter postings had suggested.

Tsarnaev was by many accounts an average American dude at 19, and friends and family expressed shock and disbelief at his suspected involvement in the Boston Marathon attacks.

But on the bomb suspect’s Instagram account, friends report that Jahar interacted with more of a focus on his culture of birth and perhaps politics — and most telling, investigators believe, is the fact that his account was very recently deleted, according to his pals.

Under the username Jmaister1, Tsarnaev reportedly interacted with users who had posted content more in line with a jihadi mindset — and when earlier accounts of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were found by web users, Slate writer Mike Walker wrote:

“Anyone in their teens or 20s who lives in Chechnya has seen the destruction of war and probably lost an uncle or cousin to the war. However, Chechnya is a decently stable place today … That’s young angry males for you, regardless of nation or background. But having grown up surrounded by such violence, it’s not an obscure ideal or video game fantasy—they’re not as likely to act on their anger.”

He continues:

“Those who grew up outside of the region, though, may be captivated by a romanticized extremism and maybe more inclined to actually carry something out. While his uncle famously stated on television that the brothers’ actions and views do not represent those of their family or of most Chechens, it’s possible that Dzhokhar himself believed otherwise on the latter point.”

One of the bomb suspect’s Instagram comments reportedly was hashtagged with “#FreeChechenia #Jihad #Jannah #ALLAH #Jesus #God.”

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