Joe Biden Is A ‘Cheating Imposter’ Who Will ‘Never Be The President,’ Pastor Says

Pastor Greg Locke, an open supporter of President Donald Trump, again took aim at Joe Biden on Friday, which was the Democrat’s birthday.

“Hate to burst your bubble but the Happy Birthday Mr. President nonsense for Biden is beyond ridiculous,” he tweeted.

“He IS NOT and will NEVER BE the President. He’s a cheating imposter. The Democrats have ‘buyers remorse’ and know that cannot win with Biden.”

Last week, Locke predicted that Biden will be imprisoned in the near future and claimed he would not be taking the White House in January after all mainstream media outlets called the 2020 election for the Democrat. The pastor does not appear to be budging in his views and echoed similar sentiments on Friday evening.

“There’s a lot of people about to go to Jail. However, Trump will remain in the Oval Office. Truth wins. Crooks get punished,” he tweeted.

According to The Washington Post‘s Dan Balz, Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the referendum is part of a plan to turn Biden into an “illegitimate president.” Per Independent Online, the columnist opined that this plan would run far past Biden’s inauguration in January.

“Judging by his actions, Trump appears to have a motive other than overturning the election. He is determined to cripple Biden’s presidency even before it becomes official.”

Balz noted that Trump’s legal actions against the electoral results have thus far been fruitless and suggested that the commander in chief is aware they are not likely to succeed. The head of state’s purported strategy, the columnist argued, could have both short and long-term consequences that have the potential to “deeply affect” Biden’s presidency and his ability to govern.

According to BBC, the chances of Trump successfully overturning the election results are “very, very slim.” Notably, the publication highlighted that he would have to overturn the outcome in several states where Biden leads in tens of thousands to over a hundred thousand votes. In addition, many of the states have Democratic governors who are not likely to make Trump’s efforts easy. For example, the publication claimed that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could replace the current state electoral board with officials who are willing to sign-off on Biden’s victory.

Trump supporters — including Locke — have continued to support the head of state’s claims of electoral fraud. As The Inquisitr reported, some of the U.S. leader’s supporters are considering a boycott of the Georgia runoff, which pits incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue against Democrat challengers. The outcome of the two battles will determine whether Democrats or Republicans have control of the Senate.

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