WWE's Sasha Banks Rocks Tiny Shorts & Sits With Legs Spread Apart In Latest Photos

WWE superstar Sasha Banks took to Instagram following this week's Friday Night SmackDown and paid tribute to The Undertaker with a selection of tantalizing snaps, much to the delight of her 4.9 million followers.

In the photos, "The Boss" rocked a collection of t-shirts that showcased Undertaker and Snoop Dog logos. The former will bid farewell to the WWE Universe this weekend and Banks is one of many performers who have been celebrating his iconic career. Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, is her cousin and a friend of the company.

Banks' outfit included silver knee-length boots and some tiny shorts that showed off her enviable legs. She also sported some pants that accentuated her sublime figure in two of the snaps.

In the first photo, Banks sat on a steel chair with her legs spread apart. She held the t-shirt down with her right hand, ensuring that the shot captured all of the imagery that was featured on the attire. She also tilted her head to reveal her neck, causing her blue hair to predominantly hang below her right shoulder.

The SmackDown Women's Champion sported another t-shirt featuring "The Deadman" for the second picture. She also added a pair of skintight leather pants to her ensemble, which complemented her top perfectly.

In the third image, Banks sat on a chair with her legs close together. She rocked a pair of small black shorts again, coupled with a t-shirt that read "Nuthin' But a [Undertaker] Thang." The clothing featured the legendary superstar's symbol in place of his name.

The next two shots depicted Banks sitting with her thighs spread apart again, similar to the first snap. However, "The Boss" appeared to be in a different corner of the arena, and one of the snaps was taken from a further distance.

In the next upload, she reappeared in a kneeling position. The shot also captured Banks' footwear, which was a pair of dark hi-top sneakers that featured some white writing at the front.

"The Boss" returned to her original position for the final picture. However, she changed her expression slightly to ensure that it didn't completely resemble the other uploads.

Banks has paid homage to "The Deadman" more than once in the lead up to his retirement. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she even cosplayed as the character last week. This included her rocking some of his most famous costumes, albeit with a more glamorous and stylish sheen.