Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Alexis Questions Julian & Laura Gives Lulu Advice

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Friday’s episode of General Hospital is going to be an intense one. Spoilers suggest that the Floating Rib will be the place to be, but everybody hanging out there seems to be at risk of losing their lives. The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that there will be some action taking place elsewhere, but almost everybody in Port Charles will be impacted in some way by what’s on the horizon.

General Hospital teasers have suggested that Julian will make his way to the Floating Rib during the November 20 show. Cyrus has demanded that he deliver the “package” there that was left at the doorstep of Charlie’s Pub, with the intention of killing off Jason Morgan.

Unfortunately, there are some notable Port Charles residents hanging out at the Floating Rib as this potentially explosive situation plays out. Lulu, Cameron, Jason, Danny, and Dev are all there, along with a handful of others. General Hospital teasers have heavily hinted that Lulu and Cameron will be seriously impacted by what’s on the way, and others may be harmed as well.

As the General Hospital preview reveals, Dante will spend time at the gym catching up with his father Sonny. Sonny will tell Dante that he doesn’t have to pretend when he’s with his dad. According to SheKnows Soaps, Sonny will be offering Dante some advice during this time together.

Diane will meet up with Sam and Molly to discuss the Alexis mess. Sam wants them to stage an intervention regarding Alexis’ drinking, which surely isn’t going to go over well.

As Alexis’ loved ones decide on a strategy, she will be talking with Julian. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll lash out at her ex, but it looks as if things may take a turn. She’ll end up asking him why it seems as if he’s saying goodbye, and he probably won’t have a great answer for her.

During Thursday’s show, it seemed as if Julian was saying goodbye to his sister Ava. Now, it’s Alexis’ turn. General Hospital has signaled that Julian will still be seen in the coming week, but his days in Port Charles are truly numbered.

Lulu admitted to Laura that she’s still deeply in love with Dante. She loves Dustin, but now that Dante’s back home, she’s realized that she hasn’t gotten past her love for him. Laura will encourage her daughter to take a breath and accept that she doesn’t have to make any definitive decisions yet.

That may come as a welcome reminder for Lulu, as she’s clearly been struggling. Unfortunately, all signs point toward tragedy coming very soon for Lulu and her loved ones, including both Dustin and Dante.

Britt will make a phone call to someone, urging them to head to General Hospital right away. This is surely tied to her conversations with Jason and Brad about Cyrus, as she seems to be realizing her boss is bad news. However, Cyrus will be showing up right as she makes this call, which could rattle her.

Elizabeth will tell Franco that she’s ready to fight, which is probably a reference to his tumor issue. Sadly, during the coming week, General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’ll be worried about both Cameron and Franco.

Friday’s episode is definitely not to be missed, and General Hospital teasers hint that a cliffhanger is likely on the way. The week of November 23 should be an intense one as well and viewers cannot wait to see what’s ahead.